April 13, 2011

It starts with trust

My daughter Laura suggested I start a blog. She has been writing one for the past two years titled Cultivate Your Wellness.  As an Oriental Medical Practitioner, the focus of her blog is alternative health, nutrition, and exercise with some personal information, wit and humor thrown in.  It seems her undergraduate English degree has proved useful.  Back to her suggestion; when I asked her what I would write about she responded without hesitation, “Write about Jesus.”  I gave her a shrug and thought that my daughter knows me well.  I try to make Jesus the center of my life, but who would want to hear about my relationship with Jesus? Even though I have written professionally on the topic of RCIA and Liturgy, and am a full time lay ecclesial minister, I don’t consider myself that much of a scholar or an evangelist.  So what would I write about? 

Upon further reflection, I thought I could do what my daughter does in her bog. She looks at health from a holistic point of view, commenting on different areas and topics that affect the overall health and well being of her readers.  I hope to look at my relationship with Jesus from a holistic viewpoint, bringing in different topics and disciplines, art, literature and music that certainly have affected my spirituality and relationship with God.  Of course Scripture, liturgy, and doctrine as taught by the Catholic Church will be the ground for my reflections.

The title of this endeavor came easy. It is from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6, verse 28, part of one of my favorite passages, Matthew 6:25-34.  My bible gives it the heading “Trust in Divine Providence.”  Trust does not come easy for me, but this pericope, part of the Sermon on the Mount, assures me that God will certainly take care of me if I surrender to His merciful Love.  Perhaps this blog is part of learning to trust; trust God, trust in my own abilities, and trust that my daughter just might know me very well.


  1. I Absolutely love love love this! Wonderful Jo-Ann! Keep it coming! You truly will touch people's lives with this. You did mine. Absolutely love the stories. Hmmmmm...do I see a book on the horizon? I think you would make a wonderful author.

  2. If you ever do get serious about a book, let me know. In my retirement I have been assisting a retired friend with the self-publishing of 12 books using Lulu.com
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