May 18, 2011

Rain Down

We here in the Northeast are being deluged with rain.  I know my family in Florida would love to have some of it since they are experiencing a severe drought, but I just wish it would stop so we could enjoy some spring before the heat of summer arrives.  The fact that I am going to Florida in a few days keeps me from getting too depressed over it

Yet, in meditation this morning, quite a few things came to me regarding the rain.  First of all it reminded me of the little rhyme of my childhood "April showers bring May flowers."  Well it is May and it's been raining too much to even plant my flowers, but the grass is really growing well and the dirt of winter is being washed away.

I was also reminded of something one of our Neophytes said to me on Holy Saturday morning. It was raining and we had just finished the Preparation Rites. She said that when she woke up that morning she was a bit disappointed that it was raining on the day of her baptism. Then she remembered that water was the primary symbol of baptism, and that it was the Holy Spirit raining down upon her preparing her for the waters of baptism that would come later that evening.  WOW, so many times those in our RCIA process really come up with some profound thoughts.

I also thought of St. Teresa of Avila and her image of rain for her fourth stage of contemplation, what can be called infused contemplation or prayer of union. The way Teresa described it is as rain that comes down from heaven with no effort on our part. It is pure Grace. I could say that I have experienced moments of this, very brief moments, at key times in my life, and it truly is a Grace.

So, I guess the rain isn't really that bad.  I guess I'll just settle in with a cup of tea, my journal, and listen to the rain beating on the window...and to the Lord.

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