May 26, 2011

Seat of Wisdom

OK, seems the USCCB had almost the same idea as me with regard to Mary this month.  On their Facebook page they are presenting Mary under her many titles. Today they appealed to art lovers by focusing Our Lady as "Seat of Wisdom. " This is one of my favorite depictions of Mary under that title. I don't know who painted it but I have seen prints of it in retreat houses and on cards. Notice she is sitting on a large chair. I just love the flowers around her and the peacefulness of her face. The USCCB Facebook page states, "As Jesus is the incarnate Wisdom of God, Mary is literally the 'Seat of Wisdom.' As her children, we strive to follow Mary in choosing the wise and prudent path of God."  

It just so happens this is also the title of our diocesan seminary's online journal, and that I am writing a book review that will appear in the next issue. As timing will also have it I am on vacation, so in between lying in the Florida sun, spending time with family, and getting a well deserved rest, I am working to meet next week's deadline. 

So, if I don't write for awhile you will know why.

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